What my Clients Say

Snr IT Project Manager - Galway

Anne-Marie was an excellent coach for me at a difficult time when I needed focus and direction. She helped me evaluate and appreciate my strengths; consider alternative career paths; re-structure my CV; strengthen my LinkedIn profile and online branding, but much more importantly helped me become so much more positive in my outlook, not just in terms of career. She is a great listener and has great insights from her years in recruitment and coaching. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to reboot or just to take stock of their career journey.

B Burns - Galway

From my sessions with Anne-Marie I have gained confidence and a sense of direction.  She helped me to understand my strengths, my interests, my skills and the options open to me.  Before my sessions with Anne-Marie I was not feeling very confident about work, she took the time to listen to me and I felt she had a real understanding of what I was going through. I am now much happier, clear and confident about my future.  Again, thank you very much, it was great working with you…. thanks for the motivation and support.  Change isn’t so scary when you find a good coach.  Give her a try, you will have no regrets.

Kieran – Sligo – Software Developer

I reached out to Anne Marie as I felt I was not moving forward in my current position. Through the sessions Anne Marie helped me realise the aspects of work that I truly enjoyed and had a passion for. From this I was able to develop a plan on where I see my future role and how to get it. These sessions have been invaluable in helping me find the direction I was looking for. I would highly recommend Anne Marie as a career coach.

Project Management (Contractor)

As soon as I engaged with Anne-Marie I was assured she was committed to providing a meaningful and constructive service. Having worked in a fast paced environment and dynamic industry for near on 15 years, I realised that I needed some help in facilitating a pause for reflection and to help deconstruct, evaluate and restructure my resume to be more succinct and direct. Following the personalised prompts and guidance given to me by Anne-Marie, I was able to work up a short and sharp personal brand and a fresh resume. A much needed and well understood process provided by Anne-Marie. I’d highly recommended anyone that needs help to go through a ’stock take’ should reach out to Anne-Marie

O. S. Financial Accounant Galway

"When I met with Annemarie at the start, my main aim was to move forward in my current position. By taking the time with her and talking through what was it I really wanted, I realised that my current position did not meet all my needs. I ended up finding a job that I enjoy every day that satisfies my ongoing desire to learn new things whilst also providing me opportunity to work to my strengths. I found the sessions gave me time to actually think about things carefully and really discover what I wanted and what my priorities were. In today's busy world we often go on a path without proper reflection of why we are on this and what is the end destination. I found Annmarie to be an excellent listener whilst providing a lot of open ended questions that made me have to think about what ultimately it was I want. Since our sessions I often think back on them just to keep me aligned to my overall priorities and what it is I ultimately want. I would highly recommend Annmarie and this process".

Confidential - Director Finance

I found the benefits of working with Anne-Marie to be very useful indeed.


These benefits included a focus on the following:

  • improved personal skills and behaviour

  • more considered work-life balance

  • better decision making

  • improved interpersonal skills

  • better career planning

  • increased confidence

  • enhanced self-awareness

Anne-Marie encouraged me to find the answers from with-in and to look at matters from a different perspective.


I would highly recommend Anne-Marie to any professional.

Vanessa Lynch - Recruitment Consultant

I would absolutely recommend anybody to go to Anne Marie for career coaching. The first thing I would like to point out, is that she is genuinely interested in finding out what you want to achieve. I found Anne Marie to be encouraging and uplifting during our sessions. I am extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to get coaching from Anne Marie early in my career, because it helped me to focus on the areas that I wanted to change or improve on. She helped me to realise how I can grow and achieve my goals. After our sessions, I had a completely different outlook on not just my professional life, but also the other aspects of my life. I have now started a new job which is much more fitting to what I need from a career perspective, started my masters, and have made several changes in my personal life. I did this, with the support and encouragement from Anne Marie. I trust her advice as she always has peoples best interests at heart.

C. A. Snr Engineer Galway

I availed of Anne-Marie’s coaching services at a time when I was really struggling with work-life balance. I wanted to progress my career and feel valued at work, but also wanted more quality time with my kids, my husband and a little time to myself.  Anne-Marie helped me figure out my values and where changes were needed in my life, and to put a plan together to make those changes. She is a natural coach - non-judgemental, empathetic and a good listener, and provides simple but effective tools which really helped me see things clearly. I always enjoyed my sessions with Anne-Marie and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone in a similar situation to my own.

Clara Burke - Recruitment Consultant

Working with Anne Marie, is an absolute joy.  She guided me on decisions that improved my career. She is very emphatic and professional. She helped me to realise my strengths which I believe has made me grow as a person. I would highly recommend!

Anna Carty - Recruitment Consultant

I’m one of the lucky ones that can add a testimonial of Anne Marie’s career coaching, and mentoring. I returned to Ireland in 2018 after living abroad for a quite some time I found myself struggling to settle into Irish employment market and struggled find the confidence to return to third level education which had also been a goal for me. During my sessions with Anne Marie, she clearly outlined realistic achievable steps for me to take to reach my aspirations and was always there along the way to guide me. I found Anne Marie to be extremely approachable and her communication style & empathetic approach to be fantastic. I am now in a job I absolutely love and have started a course in NUIG. Thank you for helping me find my confidence again

Daragh Feeney - Process and Methods Engineer

Thanks to Anne-Marie, she helped me in successfully establishing a career back home in Ireland. She clearly understood my requirements & experience and thus was able provide me relevant opportunities with the right companies. The advice and info on interview preparation she gave were also a key factor to performing well in the interview. Following an offer, Anne-Marie made sure to stay in touch to make sure everything went smoothly between the employer and I. Thanks again!

Paul Forrest - Project Engineer

Having recently worked with Anne-Marie on a new recruitment position, I would not hesitate in proposing anyone to seek out her expertise in Career Coaching. For me, Anne-Marie stands out above others in her sector as someone who genuinely tries to match the right Candidate with the right Client. A key strength is her extensive knowledge of the local market place. This ensured, having listened and understood my needs, she was able to propose potential employers with the the right culture fit for me. The recruitment process was carried out diligently with true professionalism throughout. Anne-Marie provided regular communication at all times, bringing the process to a successful conclusion for all parties, in a timely manner. A job well done. Thank you

Alexis Thomas - Functional Safety Engineer

Anne-Marie contacted me on to present a job offer in West Ireland which was fitting with my activities of the moment. I really have appreciated her human contact, her professionalism, her ability to take initiatives, her arranging, her patience and her help to find the best deal to proceed. She provided me a very helpful and personal service and I would really recommend her services for anyone looking for a job in West Ireland

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