Bobby Kerr’s advice when changing to live your life on your terms.

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Bobby Kerr’s advice when changing to live your life on your terms.

“Your partner in business and your partner in life are the most important things.”

Hard work is central to success

Be alert to opportunity -there is opportunity all around us. Timing has a lot to do with it, being in the right place at the right time, don’t be afraid to take on the challenge or the opportunities.

You have to enjoy what you do – if you don’t enjoy what you do, do something else.

Failure – Having an ingrained fear of failure is a great driver for pushing for success. Learn from your failures along the way.

Goals/Plans – write your goals down, keep them simple and make sure there is room to be flexible enough in case you need to change them. You sometimes need to have the courage if circumstances dictates to move away from the plan. Keep the vision, but be flexible on how you get there

Physical Fitness is so important – Living every day to the full.

Family Friends and Health – the three key drivers going forward.

“I only work with people I want to work with. I choose to work with people that I like to work with. I am not interested in the negative stuff and I am blessed that I can make that choice.”

“I am working very much on my own terms! I am in control of everything I can do, I enjoy every second of what I do and I have a lovely work life balance.”

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Books – The South Pole – Roald Amundsen / The North West Passage – Roald Amundsen (takes good leadership strengths and qualities from these books)

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