How to BE POSITIVE right now…..

Anne-Marie Fox Consulting
How can we look at what is going on in the world and be positive? When we work out how to stay positive in these extraordinary times, we figure out that we are stronger than we ever thought possible and capable of so much.
Believe it or not, keeping a POSITIVE MINDSET is not just something we are told to do when we are feeling down, it is something that is backed by science. Research has repeatedly shown that our brains are programmed to respond to negative thoughts in a certain way (negatively), while positive emotions help us see the endless possibilities in life. Keeping ourselves in a positive mindset especially in times like this is more important than we realise, it is crucial for good health.
You have two choices going through these next few weeks and possibly months – You can either CHOOSE to let the panic feed on your mind and into your body letting it grow stronger and stronger, or you can CHOOSE to see the situation in perspective and stay positive; letting the positivity grow stronger and stronger.
How do we do this when there is so much negativity surrounding us?
Here are a few tips to get you started and focused on creating and maintaining your positive mindset.
· Smile – YES, Smile – Put a big huge smile on your face!! Even when you least feel like it, just Smile. Try it now and see what happens? See? It is a quick and instant pick me up.
· Breathe – Focus on your breath, when you are anxious and worried or any time during the day you want clarity. Just STOP, Breath in and out deeply calmly for two minutes. This will start calming your mind and then in turn calm your body.
· Refocus – When your mind wanders to those negative spaces, refocus and give your mind a signal to STOP thinking like that. Just say the word STOP to yourself. Start changing the way you think.
While we all want to keep up to date on what is going on out there, we don’t need to do this 24/7. Turn off your notifications on Twitter/Facebook and don’t watch the news all day long. Limit the negative people who constantly update you with the doomsday stories. Try this even for 24 hours and you will see a marked difference.
Who can you join forces with to discuss positive news?
Everyday find a positive piece of news to focus on.
Spread positive news with your friends
Fear will grab you and take control if you let it. None of us can control this current situation however we can control how we deal with it. Make changes that are within your control and acknowledge what you can’t control. Once you acknowledge this you will get a sense of CALM and CLARITY.
BELIEVE and TRUST that this will pass.
Adjust and change your plans from last week, keep adjusting, this is the new normal, go with it and live in the now, right now. Don’t wait for everything to be over, Live now.
· What are you grateful for each day? WRITE it down every day
· For all of us who can spend time with our children, enjoy it.
· For all of us who can’t visit our family and friends, we live in a highly connected world, lets use these tools as much as we can and have a virtual coffee with them every day.
· For those of us who can get out into nature each day safely, Go for it.
· For those of us who want to learn something new, do an online course.
· For those of us who can teach our children new skills, lets teach them.
And for sure we are all so GRATEFUL for those who are under the most pressure, all the frontline staff from nurses and doctors to retail staff and delivery staff.
Practise makes perfect – so each day just practice your positivity more and more, remain in a positive space and calm your mind.
Anne-Marie Fox Consulting
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