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Updated: Sep 30

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Fear of failure, fear of change, fear of not being good enough, fear of rejection, the list goes on. If you could eliminate fear from your life, what would that mean to you? Would you have the best job? Would you go for that promotion? Would you own your own company? Would you have the confidence to make decisions?

What would it mean to you?

Before I started working as a career and life coach, I had the pleasure of spending a few months with an amazing coach and that was the reason I knew I wanted to be a coach – recently I caught up with him and he reminded me of this brilliant Bob Marley quote

“Love the life you live, Live the life you love”

If fear wasn’t holding everyone back, we could all live like this. This is the ultimate result.

Fear of change certainly held me back for so long, and I can see it with so many of the clients I have worked with over the years. They look back now and wish they had made the change earlier, but FEAR was holding them back. Other clients are currently so fearful of making any change that they are stuck in a job/situation they really don’t like and feel this is what they must “put up” with.

I overcame my fear of making a change a few years ago by reading the book “Feel the fear and do it anyway (Susan Jeffers)” It just vanished…it really did. Over the years I have worked with a lot of people in this area and have come across a lot of different tools and methods to help remove fear and live our best possible life. I want to share them here with you and hopefully they will help you as much as they have helped me.

Fear is a product of your mind, so, as it is a mental process, you can use your mind to overcome this fear and live a happier life.

You have two options – Push through the fear and feel the freedom or live in fear and let it keep growing and you will never change.

Easier said that done? It actually is that simple – here are a few steps to show you how simple this process is, once you master these steps your life will truly be yours to enjoy

Face the fear – By facing a fear, it will leave you. The longer you let it control you, the more unhappy you become. Remember that fear is a mental process so you can use your mind to stop this fear. This will also give you a huge confidence boost, your self-esteem grows, and you will be a more courageous person.

Knowledge – lack of knowledge can cause fear, knowledge really is power. Examine what information you can get about what is holding you back, get the facts rather than just speculate. Knowledge is key if your fear is based on lack of information.

Act “AS IF” – this by far is my favourite method to shift away from fear. As I have said earlier, fear is in the mind, when I start acting as if I have no fear of the situation, then the fear begins to melt away. It takes practice, but once you build an image of who you want to be in a particular situation then act like that person, you’ll find the courage to do so.

You are not alone – It took me a while to realise that I wasn’t the only one living in fear of certain situations. Once you realise that looking around you, everyone else has a similar fear, it somehow makes it easier to go through it as you are not alone.

Stop worrying – don’t worry about “what if” or “I can’t”; start rephrasing those thoughts in your head to “What if things work out great” or “I don’t know if I don’t try”. No matter what happens know that you will always be growing because you are always going to learn.

Being Grateful – Gratitude is such a powerful emotion. By thinking about something you are grateful for when you are going through a fearful situation, your mind will shift. You will start focusing on your gratitude that you have and the fear for the situation will slowly begin to ease

Always have a picture of the best possible outcome, a mental picture of yourself succeeding, having that smile on your face, if you can hold this picture in your mind, the fear will melt away….

And you can begin to

“Love the life you live, Live the life you love”

Anne-Marie Fox Consulting


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